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Life's Notions Shop

A shop filled with elements to help you enjoy, expand and illuminate your life's experience

This shop is something that has changed and evolved so much from the dreams of a child to the enlightened knowledge of knowing my soul's purpose. 

It has everything from plants to crystals to books and artisanal crafts. Come in and relax with a treat and explore all the magical elements that you can add to your life.

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Carolyn has been a makeup artist and hairstylist for the past 14 years and absolutely loves how she gets to connect with so many people through her work. 

She has been working with Tarot Cards since 2018. They were her first step into the world of divination. Her first deck was The Wild Unknown gifted to her from her cousin Kelsey. 

In her craft she draws from plants, crystals, the elements and celestial bodies to help heal past wounds and to see where her path leads to next. 

She has always wanted a space where she could connect people who have a common passion for the beautiful elements of life-- whether those elements are visible in the light or dark. 

She knows that not everything can be all good and that there must be balance and give and take in everything.


You can't truly accept the light without understanding the dark.

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