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Fragility of life 2 (cat).jpg
Fragility of life 2 (cat).jpg

The Fragility of Life
Fine Art Photography Series by 
Carolyn Thombs

The Fragility of Life is something seen much more in the tiny lives of the creatures that surround us every day. In the blink of an eye their little lives could end with no notion as to why or how. Carolyn chose to immortalize these found creatures and things in fine art still lifes as a way to honor them.

Carolyn Thombs, also the owner and creator of this shop, studied photography in both high school and college. She chose to keep it as her creative outlet while she pursued a career in Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling. 

This series is something she initiated with the finding of a single little broken egg shell in her parents' backyard. Through this she chose to use these found creatures and things to reimagine death and the fragility of life and how it can be captured and commemorated. She strives to take an often gruesome scene and honor it with the juxtapositioning of something beautiful. Flowers and the natural landscape around her have become her chosen backdrop. 

She is so excited to finally share these pieces with the general public with the first of many series to come. Join her in this journey! 
All creatures were ethically sourced in the manner in which they were found, dead. None were harmed in order to create this art. 

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